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Are you ready to STOP 5 to 6 days of working out, crazy unsustainable fad diets that make you regain the weight plus some, and the feeling of hopelessness that you will never reach your goals?

That changes here.. in RP Fit and Confident Academy Transformation program you will learn how to level up your fitness and create your dream body without hours of punishing workouts in the gym and giving up the foods you love.

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Here Are the Details for RP Transformation Program

I'm looking for ambitious women over 35 years old who want to lose at least 12 pounds over the next 12 weeks so that you can level up in love, life and business with my proven coaching program called Fit and Confident Academy!

I'll help you:

  • develop an easy to follow nutrition plan to find food freedom, so that you can get results without restriction.
  • overcome your mindset barriers, so you can end self-sabotage and stay consistent much longer.
  • develop habits and skills so that you can finally get results WITHOUT rebounding
  • set you up with a 3x per week custom workout program that will help you get your energy and confidence back ASAP so that you are no longer wasting time trying to figure out what to do at home or in the gym.
  • become a role model for your kids so that they can learn what healthy living looks like just by watching you.
  • help you develop a system that supports a healthy living lifestyle that fits seamlessly with your life so that you can get off the diet roller coaster for good without sacrificing your social life.

My program also includes:

  • Eat Better Recipe Guide, Healthy Comfort Foods Recipe Guide,5 Minute Meal Prep Guide, and my Meal Map Meal Planning course so that you never run out of ideas of what to cook.
  • Be invited to a celebratory photo shoot when you join our Alumni program when you graduate from the Academy.

Check out what RP Transformation Clients have been saying..

  • It can Happen! My client Jada, a busy mom of twins was shocked by the things I was asking her to do.. in the gym. Even more so she was shocked that her body could execute the movements, showing her the strength and beauty she always possessed. " Rose gets me as a woman, as a mom, as a business owner. Having someone understand what I want to achieve in real life terms is really important.. working with Rose I am incredibly comfortable, I'm always encouraged to come back and I can feel my strength."

~ Jada

  • My client Heather decided to make a lasting change that was in line with her life. She already knew how to track her food but she skipped carbs and followed fad diets that left her treading water and kept her further away from reaching her goals. She learned after online virtual coaching with Rose that the way to the toned body she wanted wasn't by spending hours doing cardio, but it was from strength training. “After our initial call, it was clear you knew your stuff and I had been wasting some time with not eating enough and working out too much in order to reach my goal of more muscle gains.”

~ Heather R.

  • Liza's two biggest reservations were time and if her autoimmune conditions would prevent her from making the changes that she wanted for herself. Through coaching with Rose, she was able to lose over 100 pounds and gain back core strength that she didn't think she could... “You have been my partner in the trenches. I can do this because I have you standing behind me. You keep me accountable and committed to making positive change for myself.” 

~ Liza

  • Like a majority of women who are programmed to think you have to fit into a specific box of what you have to weigh and how you need to look, Brianna had an unintentional mindset shift and she isn't looking back. “A year later, I don't care about that anymore. I don't care what the number says on the scale. I do not care what size my clothes are. I can absolutely say that getting stronger and focusing on how I feel rather than how I look has completely changed my life. ~ Brianna
  • If you have tried every diet but haven't been able to follow through with it and have felt you have let yourself down one too many times.. Sherie came to me at a low point in her life and knew that she deserved more for herself. With 3 children under the age of 5 she invested the time and money into herself. “I was depressed and didn’t even know where to start. Rose’s program has helped me so much and taught me how to make time for myself. It has made me better for myself and my family.”

~ Sherie

  • If you are a busy working mom and don't have time for 2+ hour workouts, meal prepping and planning... Coach Rose understands as a busy mom herself that you don't have time to spend multiple hours in the gym. Here's what Jennifer R. had to say: “She understands there is not one size fits all in coaching. She has a great way of encouraging and challenging me at the same time. Her step by step approach and wonderful workouts was more than I expected.” 

~ Jennifer R.

  • Heather, just like many other women had believed for many years that society's common thought for women to be thin was that they were not supposed to eat. After the first Success call with Rose, she knew that Rose had the knowledge to help her and she learned that in order to "fuel" her body she had to feed herself more for a strong and lean physique... Coach Rose is committed to changing the mindset of women starving their way thin and instead she wants you to know that you can fuel your body and have an amazing result like Heather did. Here's what Heather had to say: “I just wanted to eat appropriately. I learned in order to do that I had to fuel my body to build my body.” 

~ Heather


Coach Rose has also coached men. Check out their transformations pictures!

WARNING: Investment into RP Transformation Program is a promise you make with me and more importantly with yourself. In order to be accepted into the program, you have to 1000% ready to invest TIME, MONEY, and WORK into this program. Is that you?


We've got A's for your Q's

What is the price?

Program pricing is something we would be happy to discuss with you during our Success Call. I have a couple of different programs based on what you need. This program is NOT a quick fix, I do not get you to buy supplements or teas promising quick weight loss. It would be impossible to convey the importance of the program in relation to pricing.

What is expected of YOU during this program?

The effort that YOU put in will be the results that you receive. Part of it is trusting the RP Transformation process. It will NOT be an overnight miracle and it will take TIME and WORK from you. But I am here throughout the whole program to guide you.

What if I can't afford it?

I come across women in different stages of their readiness to make a change. And one of the biggest stalls to creating the fit and confident body you deserve is money. I believe that once you see you are worth the investment (both time and money) that things will fall into place. And of course if we decide that you are a good fit, to create the program for you, then we can help you come up with ways to invest.

Yes, the program is a big investment in the beginning. But it will save you wasted money from quick fixes, fad diets, and unsustainable choices that won't benefit your future you that you envision.  

What if I don't have access to a gym or if I'm not local to your area?

Not a problem. I design custom programs based on your ability that can be done from home or in a gym setting. Your program includes a personal training session that can be done virtually or in person. Most of my clients work out from home on their own time and they get great results with just a couple of dumbbells and resistance bands.

How are you different from other programs?

My coaching goes beyond food and exercise and includes a high level of support and accountability so that my clients have what they need to succeed.

I also believe that my clients are all experts of themselves and I am them to walk alongside them to help them step into their highest self and create their dream body by uncovering mental roadblocks they are not aware of, teach them how to tap into endless motivation, and show you how to create a lifestyle so that they can keep doing this on their own if they choose to, even after they graduate.

What is included in the 12 week Fit and Confident Academy Transformation?

The initial program will include nutrition consultation and guidance through portion control or macro counting, fitness workouts custom to your personal needs and goals, and a mindset shift so that you become the biggest cheerleader to TEAM YOU!

Unlike most popular diets, this program isn't complete after the first 12 weeks. Its the foundation to creating long term changes that we create in the first 12 weeks. Because you will have to keep up the habits and practices that we instill in you in order to maintain and gain more results to reach your goals.

Can I just buy a meal plan from you?

We provide you with a customized nutrition report based on your goals and throughout the coaching relationship, we make adjustments and give you feedback based on your lifestyle and how your body responds.

We do not just "sell you a meal plan" because I empower all my clients to learn how and what to eat for their goals so that you are set up for success on the days you are away from your plan like while on vacation, eating out at restaurants, and how to navigate emotional eating.

You won't learn how to keep your results if I just send you a meal plan.  

When I'm a client, can I call and ask you questions at any time?

Yes, we encourage open and honest communication with me or an of my team members you work with because our main goal is to help you achieve your goal. During the SUCCESS call we will deep dive into how you will be supported during the Initial Transformation program.

How does Online Coaching Work?

The great thing about online coaching is that you just need access through your mobile device, laptop or computer. This means you will have your nutrition and fitness programs with you wherever you are. Access to me and my team will add support to your goals along with my many years of coaching and nutrition.

How effective is Online Personal Training really?

In my own personal fitness and nutrition journey, I invested into a personal trainer and nutritionist, so I can tell you firsthand that it pays to invest in YOU. In person coaching is often limited per session of 30 min to an hour which don’t allow for the times you are up late at night questioning the next day's workout program. With online training you can easily contact me or my team via email with all your questions at any time (with knowledge that the turnaround may be 24-48 hours).

I have injuries, can I still train online?

Absolutely! In the initial questionnaire we urge you to let us know of any injuries, recent surgeries, or anything else that could affect your performance. Will this information we can still customize the workout to your needs and help you create the fit and confident body you deserve.

How long until I see results?

Results depend on many factors including genetics, physiological adaptability to the food and workouts you are trying, how much effort you input into the program, as well as consistency, proper caloric ratio and intake, nutritional quality, sleep and variety.

If you leave this page, the one take away I would like you to have is that results are NOT one size fits all. There can be no promised amount of weight loss in a given time frame because there are too many factors to account for.

Instead look at your journey as data we are receiving like food intake, sleep back, workout progress, and weight & measurements that need to be assessed and adjusted in order to achieve the results you deserve. It will take time and it will not happen overnight.

Can I workout every day?

I don't recommend it. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced in strength training, REST is so important for your body to build muscles and recover.

We recommend for beginners to workout 2 to 3 times per week at 30 to 45 minutes to allow your body to acclimate to the new program.

Can I just do cardio and lose fat?

Cardio is a great accessory tool to your weight loss journey, but too much cardio will affect your muscle growth. And muscle growth and maintenance is what will give you the toned and sculpted look many of my clients are looking for.

Cardio can be part of your programming and we can work it in a way that doesn't harm your muscle growth.

I've tried so many things.. I am scared to fail at another one.

What if we changed our perception of “failure” and instead realized that it was not an “All or Nothing” concept or “win or lose” but instead that we are given data points with each of those trials. You didn’t have the right strategy that would give you long lasting change. But many of my clients can attest to the change they saw in themselves with my program.

I am post natal, can you help?

YES! As soon as your doctor has cleared you for exercise, I can develop a nutrition and fitness plan customized to you that is designed to help you safely regain strength and lose post baby weight.

I currently have a Medical issue, can I still workout?

We asked that you have medical clearance from your doctor for previous injuries or health issues in order to start your program without hesitation.

Coach Rose

Founder & CEO of RP Fitness and Nutrition and #badassBoss Mom

"I help women over 35 lose the weight holding them back from leveling up in love, life, and business so that they can show up as the most energetic and authentic version of themselves." -Coach Rose

At the age of 13 and up to having her third child, Rose has been through restrictive diets, on the cardio hamster wheel of punishing workouts, and has been in a place where she thought she must be lazy or unmotivated because nothing she did seemed to work long term.

It was through Coach Rose's own weight loss journey and hiring a coach, that she became passionate in spreading the knowledge that weight loss doesn't have to be as hard and as punishing as the diet and fitness industry has sold us. That you can do workouts that make you feel stronger, not run down and beat up, and that you didn't have to give up Starbucks and Sunday morning donuts with the kids.

From 2015 to 2016 Coach Rose lost over 30 lb. and became inspired to become a Certified Nutrition and Fitness (both in-person and virtual training) after hiring her own nutrition coach and then adding in a strength coach. She believes in the power of coaching which is why even to this day she still has her own coaches helping her reach her goals.

Rose Peterson Fitness and Nutrition opened in 2017 and has helped 100s of clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals. She now the Founder of Fit and Confident Academy. A transformation program helping ambitious women over 35 years old level up their fitness and confidence so that they can level up in love, life, and business.

Coach Rose has been featured on NBC Channel 3 News, Fox Channel 5 News, CW News, and various podcasts and editorial publications as a featured fitness and nutrition expert and female and minority entreprenuer.